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At the Global Car Locator every day we receive Leads and Inquiries of companies and private persons from all over the world, requesting long-term business relationships, cars or other vehicles. We hand-pick the most interesting leads and then we publish them on our pages.

All traders that buy an Enhanced or Premium Listing on our Directory have free access to all these leads with full contact information for them to use in order to increase their business volume. Optionally, the leads can be forwarded to your mailbox.

As you can see, these leads can mean an important source of fresh business to your company. But... with over 500 traders receiving the same messages, it's easy to be left behind. That's why we've created the Priority Mail program. When you sign up for this option, you will be able to open the leads and inquiries of your choice before the other traders receive them. This means you'll have a great advantage over your competitors in order to obtain the sales.
Two levels of service:
  • High Priority Mail will give you a 72-hour advantage and costs just US$0.10 for each lead
  • Medium Priority Mail will give you a 36-hour advantage and costs just US$0.05 for each lead
You'll receive a 20% discount if your monthly spending exceeds US$50.- (500 High Priority Leads or 1,000 Medium Priority Leads)

Be the first one to hear about it and sign up for this great value-added program!

On this page we offer you a preview of this feature. If you want the complete contact information for these Leads and Inquiries, just sign up to an Enhanced or Premium Listing.
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01/23/2016Car request: 1 new Toyota (England) - RHD 
01/15/2016Car request: 1 used Opel (Egypt) - LHD 
01/14/2016Car request: 1 used Land Rover (Germany) - RHD 
01/10/2016Car request: 1 used Toyota (New Zealand) - RHD 
01/04/2016Car request: 1 used Mazda (Ontario) - RHD 
12/28/2015Car request: 1 new Dodge (Colombia) - LHD 
12/25/2015Car request: 1 used Toyota (Zambia) - RHD 
12/09/2015Car request: 1 used Mercedes-Benz (Cyprus) - RHD 
12/02/2015Car request: 1 used Toyota (Ethiopia) - RHD 
11/27/2015Car request: 2 new Mercedes-Benz (United Arab Emirates) - RHD 
11/27/2015Car request: 1 used Porsche (Oregon) - RHD 
11/27/2015Car request: 1 used Subaru (California) - RHD 
11/26/2015Car request: 1 new Toyota (Ireland) - LHD 
11/23/2015Car request: 1 new Volvo (Singapore) - RHD 
11/04/2015Car request: 1 used Toyota (Ontario) - LHD 
11/04/2015Car request: 1 new Daihatsu (Alabama) - LHD 
10/31/2015Car request: 1 used GMC (Alabama) - LHD 
10/30/2015Car request: 1 used Suzuki (Nigeria) - RHD 
10/27/2015Car request: 1 used Volkswagen (Norway) - LHD 
10/27/2015Car request: 1 used Mitsubishi (Slovakia) - LHD 
10/23/2015Car request: 1 used Porsche (Albania) - LHD 
10/22/2015Car request: 1 used Toyota (Germany) - RHD 
10/22/2015Car request: 1 used Saturn (Nebraska) - LHD 
10/18/2015Car request: 1 used Rolls Royce (Belgium) - LHD 
10/16/2015Car request: 1 new Acura (Florida) - RHD 
10/08/2015Car request: 1 used Jaguar (California) - LHD 
10/01/2015Car request: 1 used Mazda (Maldives) - RHD 
09/29/2015Car request: 1 used Lotus (England) - LHD 
09/29/2015Car request: 1 used Toyota (Nigeria) - LHD 
09/27/2015Car request: 1 used Peugeot (Ireland) - RHD 
09/24/2015Car request: 1 new Suzuki (Guinea-Bissau) - LHD 
09/22/2015Car request: 1 new Acura (Alabama) - RHD 
09/17/2015Car request: 1 new Infiniti (Maryland) - RHD 
09/15/2015Car request: 1 used Subaru (New Zealand) - RHD 
09/09/2015Car request: 1 used Toyota (Maryland) - RHD 
09/04/2015Car request: 1 used Toyota (Ethiopia) - LHD 
09/03/2015Car request: 1 used GMC (Cyprus) - RHD 
09/02/2015Car request: 1 used Mercedes-Benz (South Dakota) - RHD 
09/02/2015Car request: 2 used Lexus (California) - RHD 
08/31/2015Car request: 1 used Honda (Texas) - RHD 
08/31/2015Car request: 1 new Opel (Ireland) - RHD 
08/31/2015Car request: 4 used Toyota (Netherlands) - LHD 
08/25/2015Car request: 1 used Toyota (Rwanda) - LHD 
08/21/2015Car request: 1 used Lamborghini (Namibia) - RHD 
08/20/2015Car request: 1 new Hyundai (Zambia) - RHD 
08/11/2015Car request: 1 new Lamborghini (Guyana) - LHD 
08/09/2015Car request: 1 new Mercedes-Benz (Singapore) - RHD 
08/03/2015Car request: 1 new Land Rover (Turkey) - RHD 
07/29/2015Car request: 1 new McLaren (India) - RHD 
07/29/2015Car request: 1 used Acura (Albania) - LHD 
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